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Plot Twist

At any given moment you have the power to say: This is not how the story is going to end.

Did you know that January 14th is quitters day? It is the day that most people quit or give up on their New Year Resolutions. It could be that the goal was just to big to actually believe it can be accomplished, or that they didn't actually make a plan to actually get there. Or even because someone else decided they should set the goal. But for many it is just simply that they haven't developed a mindset to face adversity. No matter what goal you seek to achieve there is bound to be some degree of adversity. Some sort of road bump in the road.

This week marks 50 weeks to 50 for me. The first 2 weeks of the year may have been my most challenging so far, but I didn't quit. I just learned to pivot.

I have worked so religiously to build a morning routine that was right for me. One that helped me to accomplish all the things I wanted to get done or needed to get done everyday. The one thing I struggled with the most was my daily workout regime - when I was feeling overwhelmed by to do lists, or just simply had taken on more than I could chew, that was the one thing that I would let slide.

One day I realized that it was the one thing I needed the most. Not because I was chasing a goal, but because it was the one thing that made me feel my best. It made me more productive for the rest of the day. I was more focused, happier and above all else it gave me energy. (There is a direct correlation between exercise and brain health. A topic for another post.)

So it began, at 6 o'clock every morning I stop what I am doing, and I move my body. This has been going on for several months now and has had a major impact on my life and how I feel. Sometimes just the act of fulfilling one goal can lead you to another goal that previously didn't exist. - For example what lead me here.

The plot twist:

We all have them. Sometimes the curve balls are impossible to avoid. Sometimes anything out of our regular routine can completely take you out of the game. Could be a sick child, a husband unexpectedly home from work one day, could be a snow storm!

That is what it was for me, a snow storm. As I stood in my living room window I had a decision to make. I am sure by now you realize what my choices were, but what did I choose?

I chose to change my mind.

I shovelled snow. At 6 o'clock that morning, and for the next couple of mornings, I put on my workout gear ( and snow pants because it was also dang cold), popped in my head phones and I turned the snow day into my workout. Heck, I even added some squats as I bent down to scoop up the snow and heave it into the pile.

So why am I sharing this with as my first post of 50 weeks to 50? Because I didn't quit, I didn't give up on my goal. I just changed how I thought about the situation.

There will always be plot twists or road blocks in our journey - but our mindset or how we choose to face them is where the rubber meets the road. I wish I could tell you that success has a linear path, but truthfully we need to learn to view the journey as the success. We need to learn to roll with the punches, we need to learn to change our minds. Take my humbling experience with yoga, now that is a journey!

We need to stop chasing results and put our focus on the journey. That is where the magic is. I have been on my journey for nearly 4 years and I continuously face challenges. The only difference is I don't let them stop me, I see them as opportunities to grow. I change my perspective. Missing 3 workouts or having jelly beans for dinner (which for the record, I have been known to do) doesn't have to be the end of your story, it is just a plot twist.

With all my love

Kerri xo


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