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My go to podcasts and how they change my day!

Years ago you would have paid thousands of dollars to hear some of the greatest personal development leaders speak and now you can hear them all for free, thanks to podcasts.

Podcasts have become such an integral part of my day, I have go to's depending on the mood I am trying to elevate.

I listen to podcasts......

When I am in my car

while I clean the house

when I am folding laundry

when I am getting ready for my day

at the gym

and even when I am working and need to spark some creativity

They are just a part of my daily routine. Here are a few I am listening to right now. I would love to hear what your listening to, leave your suggestions below.

the angie lee show

If you're an entrepreneurial woman, you need this! Angie is the real deal, she offers actionable takeaways that help you discover your niche, & connect deeper with your community. She is raw, authentic and freaking funny. I came across this podcast a couple years ago and have been listening to every episode since, there is just so much value.

Your Virtual Upline

Bob totally speaks to my heart. No matter what day I turn this podcast on, I feel like he is reading my mind. He gives tangible tools to help you grow your network marketing business, but if you even slightly struggle with mindset in other areas of your life this is a must listen too! I bet you will even find yourself shouting "yes" when you listen.

These two are super relatable and funny. I feel like I could sit down and swap stories about motherhood with them. There is no sugar coating here, they tell it like it is. A great listen when you need a little laughter in your day, and when you just want to feel like your not alone.

Ed Mylett

Ed is very inspiring and energetic. Each episode provides powerful and valuable takeaways to be successful in all aspects of your life. He offers real advice and is never afraid to ask his guests the 'deep' questions we all want to know.


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