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Change your State with Affirmations

You've heard it before " just think positive!" or something like that. I don't know about you but that can be hard as hell when you're having a bad day.

But when you get right down to it, if you think making any sustainable changes in your life is going to be easy, or when that nagging little voice in your head is continuously telling your otherwise, you're wrong and you are going to need a tool to take control of her. What you focus on grows. So if every time that little voice speaks, you stop and listen, you are giving her the power to keep talking. ( I call it her/she because in reality it is you, you have just tuned into your inner dialogue.) What she is telling you and the words she uses to describe you, are what you will believe.

Before you can make any sustainable changes to your lifestyle or the way you look and feel, you must first change your mind.

Motivation does not equal activity.

Activity = motivation.

If we are constantly letting our self imposed stops, our limiting beliefs, or thinking we can't do something, then in our heads we have already dictated the outcome.

That is where affirmations come in - they give us the power to change what we are thinking in that moment. They allow us to refocus and redirect our current state of mind.

Here are 5 ways affirmations can support your journey to living the best you.

1. Improved self confidence.

Affirmations don't have to look the same for everyone. While somedays I write out I AM statements, but most often I scroll Pinterest reading quotes. I think I must have been a warrior in a previous life because I am inspired by anything that speaks to my inner goddess. They make me feel fierce and powerful and that I can conquer any demon. They help me to change my opinion of myself, eliminate stress and self doubt.

2. Give you self control over your emotions.

When you can take control over what your are feeling you have so much power. This helps you to be able to reflect rather than react. When reflection takes place you are able to see things more clearly and find a more productive way to release the negative emotions and beliefs. They can help change your perspective on a situation.

3. Tune into your inner dialogue.

Most days, most of us run on autopilot. That voice in our heads never actually stops talking. If you are just routinely moving from one task to another everyday you are less likely to be paying much attention to her. Tuning into her will help you to identify thought patterns that are not necessarily serving you. Once you know, you know, and you can proactively work to change those thoughts with something more beneficial to your growth. Positive affirmations can change the way we speak to ourselves.

4. Help you stay on track.

If you have a goal - positive affirmations are a tool in your toolbelt to keep you on track. With any goal we know how easy it is to fall off the rails, but we also know consistency brings results. So getting back up and giving yourself some encouragement with affirmations makes it easier to reach your goal.

5. They are like a hug with words.

No matter what kind of day you find yourself having, practicing affirmations is a great way to support yourself. And honestly, they just make you feel good.

You can simply ask yourself - What do I need hear right now?

As women we are really good at beating ourselves up - we have set some pretty high expectations for ourselves when it comes to motherhood, our careers, how we look and feel, and our health. We need to give ourselves permission to not be perfect, and find harmony in the midst of doing it all.

Love & Smiles

Kerri xo


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