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The Gift of Self Love and Why You Need It!

February may be love month, but at Harmony Ignited it is more like love YOURSELF month!

It would be hard for me to just let it slide by without mentioning that it is also Heart Awareness for Women month, and well today seemed like the perfect day for that.

Did you know heart disease is on the rise, and the leading cause of death in women between 40-50? Does that make you squirm a little?

I, myself, am not surprised. Knowing what I know now, 5 years later, about some of the variables that come into play with heart disease, like stress, I can see why the numbers are rising.

As far as we have come as women, we are now faced with additional challenges - how to do it all. The unfortunate part is, that along with society, we have brought this on ourselves. Our excessive need to be everything, our drive to have successful careers, and pure desire to have everything "she" has. There is nothing wrong with wanting or doing any of the above. The problem lies in what have we removed from the to do list to have those things? So top it all off with an internal desire to find balance.

So with everything there is to do, be done, & everyone that needs your attention, where do we fit in a little time to nurture ourselves? How do we eat right, stay active, and manage our stress when we are constantly striving to live up to expectations we have placed on ourselves?

The most common objection I hear from women is "I don't have time". What if I told you, making time is the only chance you get? Eating healthy, getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, and taking a little me time to manage stress are key factors in preventing heart disease. And please take it from me, this is one thing I do know for sure!

Most women, (heck even some of our health care providers) don't understand how heart disease in women differs from in men. Not to mention our symptoms are also different. Over 50% of women don't recognize their symptoms as being heart attack symptoms at all!

It isn't just genetics, it doesn't have to "run in the family". It doesn't in mine. There are certain conditions that can lead to a greater risk of heart disease including:

- Certain pregnancy complications

- Hormonal imbalances

- Polycystic ovary syndrome

- Systemic inflammatory & autoimmune disorders

- Diabetes

These factors can not only put us at a greater risk, but they are also why we need to learn to give up control on some of the things in our lives. I mean, who really cares if the towels are folded wrong if you didn't have to fold them yourself?

We need to prioritize our health and our stress levels. And we do that by choosing self love. I just finished hosting a 14 day challenge for the women in my community, sharing all the ways I have learned to honour myself daily. It took me 4 years to understand how things like choosing vulnerability, becoming aware of my thoughts, and meditation were how I would find my path back to my authentic self & harmony in the midst of doing it all.

You can learn more on the signs and symptoms of heart disease in women here. - it was because of an article like this one that I knew to get myself to a hospital and I want you to have that knowlwedge too.

Love and smiles

Kerri xo


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