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49 trips around the sun!

Real stories, real advice, from a real woman. My life threatening experience changed my life, and through that experience I want to help you change yours too!

I am here to tell you it is not to late and your age has no bearing on having a healthy mind, body and soul!

Today I celebrate 49 freaking trips around the sun, in the last year I have completely transformed my mind and body by eating what is right for me, practising daily movement, and staying on top of the thoughts I allow to enter my mind. I discovered I wasn't crazy, nor was I losing my mind, and my energy level was not indicitive of my age.

My guess is that as you read those first few sentences, you had some thoughts pass through your mind. Thoughts like, " Ya right, I can't do that". Or, "It's to late for me", or worse, "I have tried everything, nothing works". You are wrong! We are capable of anything if we change our minds. Those thoughts are just simply your minds way of keeping you safe, keeping you comfortable. And that my friends, is the very first thing that you need to be aware of before any transformation can take place.

I grew up in a generation where women didn't share their age. Well let me tell you, I have zero issues with shouting from the rooftop that I am 49 years young! Being 50 does not scare me, in fact, turning 50 excites the hell out of me! Because I feel better and younger than I ever have!

I am a nutrition coach, certified in Sports Nutrition, but mostly I am a woman that through trial and error has learned that there is not a one size fits all solution for what makes us feel our best. We are all unique. I have experienced first hand how the power of food can heal and I am on a mission to share what I have learnt with those who want to to not only feeler better, look better, and what to learn how to love themselves again.

I am a heart attack survivor.

A sentence I do not take lightly. I have a rare heart condition that presents it's self most often in young healthy women. I had my first and only event at the age of 43, and I can guaranatee you I did not see it coming. I am thankful everyday that I lived to share my story in hopes that I bring power to women everywhere to be their own advocate. As women in our 40's and 50's we have been told that what we are going through is "normal" and I say, to heck with that! It is only normal because we are all experiencing it. The fog, the bloating, lack of sleep, none of it has to be your normal, nor do you just have to "live" with it. Seriously, is that actually "living"? Whether it's weight loss, strength, focus or simply just having more energy to do the things you love, I want to share the simple changes I have made that changed everything for me. I am not here to tell you what to do, but to help you navigate all the endless information out there and help you make the right choices for YOU.

Stress is my kryptonite. Up until about 10 months ago I lived with chronic chest pain. In todays world our bodies can't tell the difference between real stress and perceived stress. We are under constant pressure to live up to others expectations. We have full time careers, families, and social lives to maintain. I manage my stress by making sure I take time out for me. Ever wonder whyt the stewardess on the plane tells you to place your own oxygen mask on first? You can't take care of others if you don't first take care of you.

I set a goal to be in the best shape of my life by 50, and I am freaking thrilled to take you on that journey. I am going to bear all my secrets on what I had to do to get here, and by here, I mean feeling my absolute best.

Are you ready to feel your best yet?

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Ali Halliday Brownlee
Ali Halliday Brownlee
Jan 04, 2022

So proud of you, Kerri! You are such an inspiration and a wealth of knowledge. Keep doing what you are doing! Super excited to follow your journey ♥️ Ali

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