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When all else fails.....walk!

While I will always be an advocate for nutrition first, walking for 30 mins a day has too many benefits to be ignored when it comes to aging gracefully.

It not only helps make you feel good, it helps you to look good too.

Daily walking improves your heart health.

By now you have read my story and understand why this tops my list of the most important benefit of walking daily. It is proven to decrease the chances of a person developing heart disease.

Walking improves your mental health.

It is amazing what some fresh air and a connection to the environment will do to lift your spirits and clear the cob webs from your head.

Reduces body fat.

Most people are more concerned with weight and the number on the scale, but body fat matters too! Waliking daily will decrease the amount of body fat and increase lean muscle. Giving us a leaner, more toned appearance.

Has positive effects on mental stress.

Stress is my kryptonite, and something I manage everyday. There is always something to be done, to think about, or deal with.For many we are just continously moving form one task to another. Taking 30 mins out and taking a brisk walk can help reduce the amount of stress we feel each day.

These are just a few of the many benefits, the bottom line is if you aren't exercising regularily, starting a walking program is a great place to start. On the days that are cold and miserable and you don't want to hit the great outdoors, aim to keep your NEAT up. NEAT is an abbreviation for Non exercise activity thermogenesis - or the movement we do outside of exercise. The easiest way to track this is by tracking our steps! Most phones have an option for this if you don't own an activity tracker.

Check what you average now and boost it.

If you are 5000 and below - aim for 5000.

If your under 7500 - aim for 10k.

If your 10k or above - keep going.

Staying active is important for us to feel our best. I will always preach the importance of weight training for women, but daily walking is a big part of aging gracefully.

I will caution you though, the side effects of walking everday may leave you needing a whole new wardrobe.

Love & Smiles,

Kerri xo


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