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The Secret to Meditation You Didn't Know You Needed to Know.

This past few weeks a lot of stuff has been coming up for me. And by "stuff" I mean the heavy stuff that life throws at us sometimes.

I, of course, did what most women do, and tried to bottle it up. Kept myself as busy as possible so I wouldn't need to acknowledge it or worse, confront it. I cleaned, did a workout, cooked, read, listened to a podcast. You know, the good stuff.

And then I started a challenge with my son - #75hard. This challenge is focused around mental toughness and well was definitely the distraction I needed. One part of the challenge is to do 1 - 45 minute workout outdoors everyday. I live in the Interior of BC, and it was February, so my only real option was to start walking after work. The first few days I plugged in a podcast, anything to avoid being inside my own head.

Then I realized something. Meditation is about being in your head. Meditation allows you to be present with yourself, and your thoughts. By watching your thoughts you can learn a lot about yourself. It helps relieve stress, encourages mindfulness, and allows you to start changing certain behaviors or thought patterns.

Here's the secret you didn't know you needed to know.

Meditation can be done anywhere. If you can sit, stand, or walk, you can meditate. Meditation requires nothing more than being with yourself - and it doesn't require anything fancy or complicated. Just go for a walk and be alone with yourself. If you have ever tried to meditate you will know that thoughts arise - let them. Just don't attach yourself to them. You don't want to stop thinking, you just want to observe them, without judgement. As they arise just notice them and then bring yourself back to the present. Notice the things around you. I saw the prettiest sky, something I may have missed otherwise.

Love & Smiles

Kerri xo


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