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Aging Gracefully

I grew up in a generation where age was a woman's best kept secret. I, however, have no secrets to hide.  Age is just a number, but I do plan doing it as gracefully as possible. Aging gracefully is finding harmony between the physical, social (friendships), mental (cognitive), psychological, and spiritual aspects of aging.  What we eat and drink, how we manage our stress, staying active, and of course, paying close attention to our hormones and gut health - the not so pretty aspects of getting older. Each aspect of aging is important and interacts with the other, they truly are the life line to looking and feeling our best.


Walk Daily

We all need daily activity. 

A daily walking program is critical to healthy aging.  Research has shown that walking after meals is an excellent way to lower blood glucose.  This is critical to avoid diabetes and maintaining your cardiac health.  It also helps to make you feel damn happy!

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Keep Social

Socializing is good for your mind and body.  Not only does it increase your sense of happiness and well-being but it may even help you live longer. Whenever possible combine socializing with your girlfriends with excercise.  Stack the good stuff

• Exercise is more fun in a group. 

  • Join a team               

• Take a walk with a friend. 
• Eat out - make wise choice. Eat whole foods
• And drink wine! Best with friends!

Weight Train

Maintaining strength as you age is a key factor in healthy aging.  All aspects of mobility require adequate muscle strength. It’s safe for anyone at any age, and older muscles respond well to strength training.  Making this one change could be the most important thing you could do to insure you maximize your body’s physical ability to age well.


Be Proactive

When we understand how our daily habits affect the aging process of our skin we can age gracefully for much longer!

  • Hydrate and eat more whole foods 

  • Supplement where your nutrition is lacking 

  • Follow an morning and evening skincare routine 

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