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Welcome to Harmony Ignited

It all began with a napkin and a lunch date. 

A single mom, raising 3 teenagers, working full time, running a household on my own, and a dream to help other women find their superpower. My perpetual drive to be everything and please everyone, until I realized I wasn't chasing my goals, I was chasing the expectations of others and what they wanted for me. One day 5 years ago, I hit my wall. My rock bottom. That resulted in a 5 day all inclusive stay in ICU with an undiagnosed heart condition. Yep, you heard me, a 43 year old woman with a rare heart disease. The heart disease may be rare but the events that got me there are not. I have been on a mission ever since to help prevent other women from hitting their rock bottom, because sadly we are all programmed the same.  Over the course of the years, the vision has changed directions and the dream has grown, and the journey has been nothing close to linear, but one sentence is still rooted deeply in everything I do. Every blog I write, every social post I share all share one common theme, and that is to inspire women to be their own super hero. Whether it is your health, your mindset, learning to say no, or learning to love yourself - I want you to find happiness in the midst of doing it all.

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